Human Robot Interaction

Envisioning Future Living with Prototyping Interactive Systems


Researchers in interaction design and HCI have long investigated on future systems providing beneficial and delightful experiences. Prototyping involving visualization and implementation of the early ideas is a useful method to envision future living that people get along with new systems. Such interactive prototypes can be used for not only delivering ideas but also validating their potential impacts and acceptances. However, despite the importance of interactive prototypes in reliving actual experiences, designers have met difficulties in implementing the prototypes especially of actuated or large systems. In this presentation, I will present CIDR Lab’s research works on two approaches: research for prototyping and research through prototypes. This includes a series of prototyping tools and frameworks to support designers to concretize new systems. It also presents several research works of delivering and evaluating beneficial, acceptable, and delightful experiences with interactive prototypes. I will then discuss how interaction designers can engage in developing applicable robotic products in terms of user-centered perspectives.


Han-Jong Kim is a research assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He received BSc, MSc, and PhD in Industrial Design from KAIST. His research focuses on developing new prototyping tools to support designers to explore, concretize, and test early conceptual ideas of future systems. The approach of development lies in integrating scientific knowledge, design methodologies, and practical design skills to achieve beneficial and well-polished tools. He led projects to develop and provide practical Web-based tools, such as SketchStudio ( and M.Sketch ( He received commendation from the Korean Education Minister for his design research during his PhD.



김한종 Han-Jong Kim
Research Assistant Professor Design Research Laboratory
Dept. of Industrial Design, KAIST
+82 10 5182 3295